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Rules of Escrow Court and Manual

The Rent Escrow Rules of the Mason Municipal Court are established and operated pursuant to Chapter 5321 of the Ohio Revised Code and the Rules of Court of The Mason Municipal Court. A Referee/or Judge shall hear and decide those cases which cannot be settled by agreement.

Purpose of Escrow

The purpose of Escrow is to allow the public to resolve minor landlord-tenant disputes quickly, inexpensively and fairly without requiring an attorney's involvement.

Types of Cases: The Rent Escrow Rules handle tenant and landlord disputes, where the landlord has failed to maintain the property as required by Ohio Revised Code Section 5321.04.


An Application for Rent Escrow is filed by a tenant along with one month's rent. The tenant must live in the City of Mason or Deerfield Township. The tenant must bring the current address of the landlord and/or agent. Service to the landlord shall be sent certified mail by the Clerk. The Clerk shall also have the tenant sign a request for regular mail service in the event of failure of certified mail service.

Filing Fees

The court costs of 1% of the amount deposited shall be assessed at the termination of the Rent Escrow.


A complaint to release the total rent deposited may be filed by the landlord any time after the tenant's Application for Rent Escrow has been filed. Service to the tenant shall be by regular mail. A trial shall be scheduled within sixty (60) days.

Answers and Counter Claims

Answers and Counterclaims may be filed by the tenant after the landlord has filed a complaint requesting total release of the Rent Escrow. The answer and/or counterclaim shall be heard at the time of the trial.

Partial Release of Rent

At any time during the pendency of a Rent Escrow, either party may file a motion for the partial release of rent deposited. If no hearing or trial has been set, the Clerk of the Civil Court shall set a hearing date. If the matter has been set for an oral hearing or trial the Clerk of the Civil Court shall consolidate the oral hearing for the partial release of rent with the pending hearing or trial.











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