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Case Management Small Claims

    1. Purpose: The purpose of this rule is to establish, pursuant to Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio Rule 19 a system for civil case management which will achieve the prompt and fair disposal of civil cases.
    2. Clerical Steps:


      1. Complaint: The clerk shall process all complaints within seven (7) days for service of summons. All cases filed will be tracked by event in accordance with the Supreme Court reporting requirements, utilizing the worksheet provided by the Ohio Supreme Court.
      2. Summons: Summons shall be served in accordance with the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. 
      3. Failure of Service: In the event there is a failure of service, the clerk shall notify counsel immediately in accordance width Rule 4.1 of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure. If no action is taken within sixty (60) days the case will be dismissed for want of prosecution pursuant to D.M.C. Rule 17.00.
      4. Responsive Pleading: After any responsive pleading is filed, the clerk shall immediately forward said pleading and file to the Assignment Commissioner for scheduling.
      5. Administrative Dismissal: When a file has been marked '"settled, hold for entry" and the entry has not been received within ten (10) days, then the clerk shall notify the party or counsel that the case will be dismissed unless the entry is received within fourteen (14) days. If no entry is received, the clerk shall forward the file to the assigned Judge for dismissal of the case without prejudice.
      6. Motions: Upon the filing of a motion, the clerk shall immediately forward the motion and case file to the assigned Judge's office for review by the assigned Judge.










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