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"This republic shall be a government of laws
and not of men."
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Cost of Court Criminal

First charge $85.00
Additional charges $51.00 each
With pre trial $10.00
Summons $4.00
Notice to appear $10.00
Payment agreement $25.00
Driving privileges $10.00
Motions $10.00
Motion for discovery $10.00
Bench Warrant $25.00
Warrant block BMV $15.00
Contempt of Court costs $60.00
Bond cancellation
(regardless of guilt or innocent finding)
10% bond- of Amount taken
Trial to Court $10.00
Declaration of Forfeiture $40.00
Notice to BMV $40.00
Commitment and Discharge $4.00
Jury demand $10.00
Bind over $18.50 plus $40.00
Certification $3.00
Expungement $57.00
Motion to suppress $25.00
Preliminary Hearing $10.00
Officers and witness fees $12.00
Subpoena $2.00 + mileage
Audio CD $1.00 per session
Paper copies $.05 per copy
12th District Court of Appeals $125.00

Fine dismissed at defendant’s costs no charge to victim’s fund.
Fine dismissed other charge to victim’s fund.
Jurors are paid at the rate of $20.00 per half day.

  $40.00 per full day
  $10.00 for appearance
Civil or Criminal Service  
Warrants $10.00 plus $.25 per mile
Summon $10.00 plus $.25 per mile
Subpoena $10.00 plus $.25 per mile

A minimum of $1.00 will be charge regardless of mileage.
A charge of $.25 per mile will apply to each attempt at service.
Bailiff mileage will be charged at a rate of $.50 per mile




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